How does it remove bad odor?
Oxygen in the air has the ability to burn bad odors. If this was not the case the world can be filled with food, cigarette odors. Nanowall also takes in the oxygen in the moisture while taking in the excess moisture in the environment. When it joins bad odor with the oxygen inside bad odors destroyed by burning just like in the nature. There is no sediment or waste in any way as odors have no specific weight.

How long is Nanowall's service life?
Nanowall picks up execc moisture in the environment and returns the medium when the humidity level drops. With this feature, it works just like your lungs. It does not make storage due to the fact that it keeps breathing and takes in the moisture. This also removes the saturation point and makes the product swift.

How does it destroy diseases such as asthma, allergies, etc.?
For human health, humidity is minimum 40%, maximum 70% in closed areas. Moisture ratios above 70% provide the environment for the formation of mites and molds. Diseases such as allergies, asthma and rheumatism are an inevitable end in the environment of bacteria, mold and dust. In environments where the humidity is below 40% the respiratory tract is damaged. Nanowall prevents this disease from occuring by providing this moisture balance.

Can it be painted?
Nanowall needs pores to futfill its properties. The painting process can cover these pores and thus cannot fully fulfill the effects that they have. For this reason, we do not recommend painting.

Will there be any discoloration when it is wiped?
There is no deterioration in color during cleaning operations.

Do the effects change according to the product model?
Nanowall products all have the same characteristics.

Can it be applied everywhere in the space?
It can be applied to walls and ceilings but it is not applied on the ground.