Nanowall is produced in its final modern looks after long time in research and development by our invertor and founder Selçuk EKŞİ especially after the intellectual consequence that started many years back and repetition of evil-smelling moments that he had lived in some hotel and restaurant he was traveling to in the different countries in Europe and USA.

Nanowall having is projecting phase and R&D been complated in January 2017 realized with 17 ecological components. Nanowall, which prevents the formation of bacteria, which helps to eliminate bad smells in the areas where its used, balances the moisture in the environment at the same time making it suitable for human life.

With is three-dimensional structure, the aesthetic value acoustics and rewarding features of its living spaces make it a unique product in the world. Totally eco-friendly, Nanowall adds value to life by enhancing the quality of its living spaces. Nanowall, which is formed entirely with domestic capital, aims to make a name in the world market in the near future and to add value to the coumtry's economy.