Product Features

Features of Nanowall

It has the ability to eliminate bad odors spreading to environment. It has the ability to eliminate cigarette smell, cigarette smoke, smells that the pets have spread, food smells, bad odors in bathrooms and shoe cabinets.

It removes bacteria and mold formation. It absorbs the humidity when the humidity level in the rooms increases (over 70%) and when the humidity level reduced (below 40%) it releases the humidity it has taken and creates the moisture balance of the room. Because of the moisture balance it creates in places, it eliminates the formation of bacteria and mold.

Over 70% and below 40% moisture respiration in terms of human health cause respiratory disor-ders. Thanks to the humidity control, the air formed in the room removes respiratory tract diseases such as asthma, allergies, sinusitis and cough. Nanowall balances the air in the air and creates a healthy space for you.

Nanowall’s fireproof feature prevents the fire from reaching other parts and at the same time cap-tures the poisonous gases and gives the chance to escape to the people inside.

Nanowall does not contain any chemicals in it, but it has the ability to absorb and destroy all of the chemical gases in the environment.

It is sufcient to apply 3/1 scale according to the size of the whole of the spaces. So to put it briefly, one wall is enough for it.

Nanowall is made entirely of natural components. It is an eco-friendly product that does not require any energy when ensuring its properties and is in no way releasing gas to the environment.